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Color Sorting Rainbow

This color sorting toy is a fantastic way to learn about the different colors of the rainbow. This sorting activity is great for kindergarten or preschool aged children and you can pick between wooden balls that you can have your little one paint for some extra fine motor skills activity or pick between our regular wool balls or the bigger wool ball options.  

Color sorting is an integral part of early development and our rainbow color sorter is sure to be a hit!

Color Sorting Options for Our Wooden Rainbow:

You can choose between wooden balls that will come to you unpainted. You can have fun with your little one while they exercise those fine motor skills while painting these wooden balls in whichever color they'd like.

There are 91 slots in there for color sorting! If the wool balls option is selected then you’ll receive the colors shown which also represent the colors of the rainbow.

You can also choose between our regular sized wool balls and our larger jumbo sized wool balls. The only difference besides the size is that the jumbo sized wool balls may not fit exactly into each designed hole but is an excellent option for younger kiddos whose just starting to use their fine motor skills.


Please use caution when using our color sorting rainbow. These come with small loose parts that could cause a choking hazard so play should be supervised.

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