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Hundred Frame Counting Board

A hundred frame counting board is a must have in any household! The practical uses are limitless.You can use it for counting to 100, skip counting, multiplication, letter and shape patterns, as an abacus, to subtilize, etc. etc.  

The dividing line: We added a line down the middle creating two separate 50 ball sections to help with subtilizing and to separate the board. You can use just the 50 to set a pattern and have your kiddo use the opposite side to replicate, use it as an abacus, create two separate activities, and much more!

The slot along the top of the frame: The slot along our top of our hundred frame is a note card stand that you can use to insert note cards, laminated sheets, and more for added visual aids.

What is a Hundred Frame?

It's a counting board and an important math learning tool that helps the early math learner by visually counting 1-100 and aids in simple and more complex addition and subtraction.

Children can visibly see what 2 + 2 equals and what happens when a number is subtracted.  You can replace our wooden balls with marbles, acorns, raisons, candy, etc. for some extra sensory learning or have your kiddos paint our wooden balls for fun colors!

Tip: Purchase multiple sets of wooden balls. You can purchase additional sets HERE

Size is approximately a 11" x 11" 

Fun Manipulatives for Our Hundred Frame:


Our kiddos love to fill in the holes on our counting frames with fun materials and it easily transforms their math lesson into a fun and unique experience.

Some funmanipulatives are:

  • Pebbles
  • Felt Balls
  • Water Beads
  • Cereal
  • Buttons
  • Raisons
  • Acorns
  • Candy like M&M's

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