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Number Counting Board

Our number counting board is as fun as it is educational for your preschooler and kindergartner. You can use our wooden numbers with the board or without. Whether for preschool math or as an educational toy for your kindergartner to use, this is sure to be a hit!
Use other fun math counters or manipulatives to make it even more interesting. We love our number counting board for hands on counting exercises and is a nice change to the usual pencil and paper routine. 
Our wooden numbers are one of our favorites here at Jack and Link.  There are so many open ended learning opportunities with these wooden numbers.  If your child is still too young to add or subtract, they can still use our numbers independently from the tray.  Here are some fun ideas for your little one:
  • Have them put the wooden numbers in order.
  • Have them put the wooden numbers in order and have them line up objects underneath that represent the correct number.
  • Have them stack them in numerical order or reverse numerical order to create a pyramid.
  • Have them fill in the grooves with fun play sand, play-doh, glitter, or pebbles.

How to Care for Your Wooden Number Counting Board:

To Disinfect:

Wipe down your wooden number counting board with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and warm water, let air dry, and if needed condition with organic oils like coconut or olive oil and wipe excess off.

To Regularly Clean:

Use a warm damp cloth with soapy water, wipe dry, and let air dry overnight.

    What's Included in Our Number Counting Board Set:

    Included is one (1) frame and wooden numbers (0-10) and symbols to include +=-.


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