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Phases of the Moon Activity Board

We cannot express how excited we are to present this revamped wooden phases of the moon activity board! We wanted to create a more hands on learning experience that was more of a tactile, fun, and exploratory experience by allowing the child to create the respective shapes themselves. 

Use our wooden phases of the moon activity board with your favorite space books, flash cards, or worksheets and have your child form the shapes and insert them into the space with fun sensory manipulative and loose parts such as beans, salt, rice, Oreos, play-doh, etc.

This is a larger piece and is approximately 12” in diameter.  

Includes 1 phases of the moon board. Phases of the moon coins are sold separately.

    Activity Ideas:

    • Use play-doh to fill in the different phases or other fun mediums like rice, black beans, white beans, salt, or flour.
    • Use a printable! Print them out to size and have your child put them into their respective slot.
    • Use our double sided phases of the moon coins found HERE.
    • Use our clear dry erases coins and have your child hand draw each phase of the moon and put them into the correct slot.
      • For this fun activity, bump up the fun factor by having them use fun pastels, dry erase markers, window crayons, and chalk markers!
    • For littles that may need a bit more guidance, place our phases of the moon coins in their respective slots and then place the dry erase coin ON TOP of the wooden coins and have your kiddo trace the phase of the moon underneath with any of the above fun writing mediums. 

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