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Wooden Crayon Holder

This wooden crayon holder was created to specifically have a slim profile to minimize the amount of space being taken up on the your tables surface or work area. We love to use it to separate specific crayons from the main pack of crayons for specific color concentrations with creative play, to give a space for crayons to stand up independently without having to dig through the crayon box, and because aesthetically, it just looks pretty.

Please Note: This wooden crayon holder was created to specifically hold regular standard sized Crayola crayons.

This wooden crayon holder holds 24 crayons (a standard pack of Crayola crayons) and is approximately 6.5" long x 2.5" wide.  Crayons not included.

Materials Used for Our Wooden Crayon Holder:

We used all natural and organic maple hardwood for this wooden crayon holder.  All wooden toy products are handmade in the U.S.A. in our small shop located on our property in Pennsylvania. To learn more about our materials used for our wooden toys, click HERE.

We seal all our natural wooden toys in organic and locally sourced white bees wax and organic food grade cold pressed coconut oil. 

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