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Lifetime Warranty

We 100% stand behind our toy products.  We built our heirloom toy products to last generation through generation with normal use.  If a wheel falls of, propeller blade disconnects, etc., we have your back and will gladly fix it at no extra charge.

  • Our warranty applies only to our wooden toys and not to children's room decor.
  • You must keep and provide a copy of the original receipt/invoice.
  • Scrapes and scratches are inherent in any product and each scratch tells a story. There is no way anyone can make a scratch free product-- nor would we want to. That's what makes it heirloom.  To that extent, we are not able to extend our warranty to buff out scratches or scrapes.
    • We completely warranty against normal wear and tear and yes, we do factor in some rough house play since these are children's toys but we cannot warranty against excessive rough use and improper use ( i.e., a 7 year old child climbing and jumping on our doll toy beds). These incidents will not be covered.
  • Please contact us hello@jackandlink.com and provide us with the order number, name on the order, a picture, and a copy of your original receipt/invoice.
  • We will email you back with a pre-paid label so you can send your product back to us at no charge to you and we will fix it within 14 days.  Some replacements may take longer and if that's the case, we will communicate that will you.
  • If the original part is no longer available (i.e., we've since changed style of that particular part-- like different propellers or wheels), we will communicate that with you and replace it with the new updated model part.

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