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Printables: Meet our Artisans

We are so excited to be able to showcase these amazing artisans. Please help to continue to support them by tagging them when sharing on social media (respective usernames down in their individual bios). We are blessed to welcome these talented artisans and are honored to have them create printables that can be used in conjunction with our Jack and Link wooden educational toys.


Meet Casey



"I'm just a mom, fueled by copious amounts of caffeine. We curate homeschool lessons for messy hands and active minds. All possible with the help of some of our favorite resources."


Casey from Sagecrest Learning, Instagram: @bakedin_la


Meet Kezia



"Hi, my name is Kezia and I'm a homeschooling mama from Indonesia! I initially made materials for my kids to enjoy but I guess it would be nice for other people to enjoy them too :) I hope these cards will help and benefit you and your loved ones in learning, playtime, and everything in between."


Kezia, Instagram @keziangelica


Meet Lisa


"My name is Lisa. I am a homeschool mom of three. I love to be creative and love that I can feed my creativity through creating prints and keepsakes I can share. I believe that learning should be fun and brings a bond between you and your children. I hope you love my designs and find them useful.
 I am the owner of Fox and Rose Co., where I design custom keepsakes such as silhouettes and other illustrations. You're welcome to visit my website at www.foxandroseco.com."


Lisa, Fox and Rose, Instagram @foxandrose_co


Meet Nikki


Nikki the creator behind learning for tomorrow printables for homeschool.


"Hi! My name is Nikki. I am the mama behind Learning For Tomorrow. I’m very passionate about Montessori and educational learning and want to help bring resources to your fingertips. If you are looking for more inspiration, please come visit my Instagram page @LearningForTomorrow and say hello!"

Nikki, Learning for Tomorrow, Instagram @learningfortomorrow


Meet Ramona

"Hi, I'm Ramona.  A homeschool mom of 2, with a love for nature, science, design, and creativity. I love creating printables that encourage learning through play, creative thinking, confidence & children's natural curiosity. So fun to share what works for us, with other moms, dads, caretakers & teachers. You can find us on Instagram @happy_learning_moments & can find play materials at www.happylearningmoments.com."


Ramona, Happy Learning Moments, Instagram @happy_learning_moments

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