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Classic Wooden Toy Car

Children's Classic Heirloom Wooden Toy Car.

This heirloom wooden toy car features Curly Maple for the body and Zebra hardwood for the top, a rare and exotic hardwood.  This is a limited stock item.

Curly Maple: It's native to eastern United States and Canada and is a very light, almost yellowish white, colored wood.  
  • Fun Fact:  Curly Maple is often thought of by spiritual healers to bring prosperity, aid in communication, love, focus, and intelligence.
Zebra Wood:  It's known for it's unique black striped pattern and it's a hardwood native to Africa.  It's a durable hardwood and the base color ranges from a creamy white color to a light and medium brown with black patterned stripes.
  • Fun Fact:  Many spiritualists believe that Zebra wood has magical properties of luck and good fortune. 
Dimensions:  2" Wide | 6" Long | 2.5" Tall
Storage: Comes with a natural linen bag for easy storage and gifting.

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