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Chunky Woodland Wool Balls

These chunky woodland wool balls are so fun for sensory play and to use as  math counters!  These wool balls are a great add on to your current math or sensory manipulative collection. Colors: chocolate brown, military green, and dark gray.

Approximate Size: 2cm

Fun Ways to Incorporate Your Wool Balls

There are so many fun ways to use these wool balls:

  1. Math Counters in our 100 frame 20 frame, 10 frames.
  2. For one-to-one number correspondence. 
  3. Fun sensory bins.
  4. Color sorting.
  5. Use tongs to move pieces from one area to the next.
  6. Arts and craft projects.

Adult Supervision :

Please supervise your children with any loose part play. Our wool balls and wooden balls can pose a choking hazard for any child. 

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