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Cityscape Wooden Blocks


This cityscape wooden blocks are a perfect add-on to any wooden block set you may already have. Use them to create villages, cities, or small towns and incorporate with fun people figurines, wooden animals, or lego men. The blocks can be used to represent houses, buildings, stores, apartments, etc. Use them with tunnels, roads, and cars for a fun imaginary town.

These handmade wooden blocks are made out of four different types of wood: Maple, Oak, Cherry, and Walnut. Each set may vary slightly. For instance, one set may have two walnut pieces, one cherry, one oak, and one maple and another set may have two maple, one cherry, one oak, and one walnut house.  

What Each Wooden Building Block Set Includes:

Each set will include one larger and longer width house, two taller houses, and two shorter houses.

How to Care for Your Wooden Building Blocks:

Use a damp wet semi soapy wash cloth and wipe down all surfaces. Immediately wipe off and let dry overnight. You can reapply any coconut oil you may have in the house and wipe the excess off. We will soon provide our own in house mixture which is a blend of organic locally sourced white bees wax and organic cold pressed coconut oil for those that wish to purchase them.

Each Toy Purchased = 10 Meals for a Kid in Need

Each toy purchased from us results in 10 meals for a kid in need through our partnership with No Kid Hungry, a non profit organization.

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