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Wooden Stacking Blocks

Educational Highlights for Our Wooden Stacking Blocks:

Wooden stacking blocks are an excellent toy for your baby to practice their motor skills, stacking, and balancing. Our baby stacking blocks also help with sound and touch because we use three different types of hardwoods to create your baby's stacking blocks. We use Maple, Cherry, and Walnut and each wood has it's on texture and density so when the babies clack them together, they'll each make a unique noice. The weights on each wooden block are also different furthering their sensory experience.

Baby Stacking Block Dimensions:

Our wooden stacking blocks are 1.5" x 1.5" and come with all three hardwoods: Cherry, Walnut, and Maple.

What Materials Do We Use on Our Wooden Stacking Blocks?

The beautiful color that you see in our wooden stacking blocks was created purely from Mother Nature.  We select and then cut the boards, machine sand our blocks and then hand sand our wooden blocks leaving it buttery smooth and we dull out all the edges on our wooden stacking blocks. You have two options for finishing our baby push toys:

Leaving our Wooden Stacking Blocks Bare:  

This is an excellent option for babies who may be allergic, or have a family history of allergies, to natural ingredients like bees wax or fruit oils like coconut oil. The downside is that baby stains on the wood can occur with baby drool when they mouth the wooden blocks or when touching them with food covered hands. 

Conditioning Our Wooden Stacking Blocks:

We condition our wood toys with 100% organic and locally sourced white bees wax and organic cold pressed coconut oil.  This keeps your wooden stacking blocks hydrated and protects against baby stains. Once the conditioning is applied the true colors of the wood stand out into beautiful darker shades as shown in the pictures.

All Wooden Toys are Handmade in the U.S.A.:

We are a small family veteran owned business and all wooden toy products are handmade in the U.S.A. in our small shop located on our property in Pennsylvania. To learn more about our materials used for our wooden toys, click HERE.

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Each Toy Purchased = 10 Meals for a Kid in Need

Each toy purchased from us results in 10 meals for a kid in need through our partnership with No Kid Hungry, a non profit organization.

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