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PRE-ORDER Just the Cat (Limited Quantities & Wont Start Making Them Until January)

We will not start making these until January. Please watch our instagram stories. This is just a second chance offering for those that really wanted these and are willing to wait for it. This is just for the cat tray and will NOT come with any sensory bases, loose parts, or manipulatives. Just the cat tray.

This cat activity tray can be used well after Halloween is over! Use it during mammal unit studies! For instance, use it in an African unit study and use it to discuss animals native to Africa like cheetahs, lions, leopards, jaguars, and even a lion! Use it for mammal unit studies and create an amazing sensory tray for your littles to engage with while learning about mammals. You can even create a raccoon or a fox! Or simply use it as a tracing tray. All awesome options!

Please do not purchase this with anything else EXCEPT counters. Please do not purchase this if you're not okay with the wait time.

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