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CVC Word Activity 3 Letter Frame

Our CVC word activity frame was made for easy cvc word building.  We wanted a visual and hands on way to create cvc words for kindergartners and preschoolers.

We created our wooden alphabet letters to be nice and chunky for several reasons: we wanted our wooden alphabet letters to be easy and substantial enough to hold and grasp in their hands, and we wanted them to be freestanding so you could use our wooden alphabet letters outside of our CVC three word frame to create more words, and because our wooden alphabet letters look just so much more beautiful nice and chunky that it was a shame to cut them down.  

Our CVC word activity frame is not only a useful creative educational toy but also a wooden learning toy that can be stored away and passed down to a younger sibling or for the next generation of cvc word builders. 

What are CVC Words?

When kids are ready to start putting together sounds, CVC words are the place to start. CVC words are usually short three letter words that are easy to sound out. CVC words are words made up out of a consonant, vowel, consonant sound. Examples include words like Cat, Top, Tip, and Hunt.  The goal is for children to start putting together their knowledge of individual letter sounds and start blending those sounds together to create a whole word.  Our CVC activity frame is a holding place to allow them to create and recreate as many CVC words as they please.

    What's Included in Our CVC Word Activity 3 Letter Frame:

    Included is one (1) CVC word activity three letter frame, twenty-six (26) wooden alphabet letters, and (1) organic cotton drawstring bag to store them in.

    Interested in purchasing additional wooden alphabet letters? Click HERE. We do recommend buying additional wooden alphabet letter and vowel sets for unlimited word building potential. You can also purchase extra wooden vowels HERE.

    Personalization is available for single names and will be displayed horizontally along the back.

    Wooden Alphabet Letter Vowels:

    We wanted to highlight the vowels in our wooden alphabet letters and differentiate them from regular consonants so we made our wooden alphabet vowels out of a different hardwood type.  Our vowels are made out of walnut and our consonants are made out of oak. 


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