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Dual Sided Solar System Activity Board

This dual sided solar system activity board is dual sided. One side allows you to use our marbles or create your own solar system using our solar system wooden ball set found HERE (coming soon and can be added to your order later on when they arrive). We tried to be as true to the colors of the planets as possible but in order to allow a variety of color (most of the planets are brown) we did substitute some colors.

All marbles are the same size except for the marbles representing Pluto, Jupiter, Sun, and the Moon.

There are marbles for each planet, the sun, the moon, Pluto, and two "galaxy" or "comet" marbles.

The other side of the board is a large tray to create models of the earth, layers of the earth, planets, the sun, moon, ocean (layers of the ocean), land and water forms, etc.

    What's Included in our Dual Sided Solar System Activity Board:

    We include marbles for each planet, sun, moon, Pluto, and two extra marbles to pretend play with comets and meteors and one dual sided board. Made out of American Mahogany.

    Caution: Please remember to supervisechildren at all times. Not recommended for children under 4 due to small loose parts.

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