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Wooden Toy Car

Children's orange and black Heirloom Wooden Toy Car.

This heirloom wooden toy car features Padauk wood on the body, which is an exotic orange colored hardwood, and Ebony wood for the top, a rare exotic black hardwood.  This is a limited stock item.

Padauk Wood: It's native to tropical climates and most regularly found in west Africa and can vary in color from a pinkish orange to a deep brownish orange.  
  • Fun Fact:  Padauk is often thought of by spiritual healers to be very potent with healing properties.
Ebony Wood: Known to woodworkers as one of the most mysterious and sought after woods. It's native to Sri Lanka, West India, Africa, and Indonesia.  Ebony is an expensive and hard to find wood making this a highly coveted material. This wood will darken in time to become a dark and rich black.
  • Fun Fact: Ebony was thought of as a symbol of power, purity, balance, protection and luck for religious Pagans. They believe this wood amplifies magnetic energy and it’s revered as the most powerful and protective of wood types.  
Dimensions:  2" Wide | 6" Long | 2.5" Tall
Storage: Comes with a natural linen bag for easy storage and gifting.

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