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Figure 8 Tracing Board

This figure 8 tracing board was traditionally used as an occupational therapy toy but is an incredible tool for all toddlers and kids regardless of whether they need occupational therapy or not. This figure 8 tracing board forces both hemispheres of the brain to work together and aides in reading comprehension as well as hand and eye coordination. 

What is a Figure 8 Tracing Board?

The figure 8 board, or rather, tracing a lazy 8 figure pattern is known for activating both brain hemispheres and encouraging both hemispheres to work together.  

Step 1:

Have your child start by tracing the figure 8 with their finger.

Step 2:

Have your child start to use the included stylus and trace the figure 8.

Step 3:

Start incorporating the marbles. Start with one marble and increase the intensity by adding additional marbles.  They can also hold the board with both hands and title the board to try to roll the marbles through the figure 8 without dropping the marbles or going outside the figure 8. 

What Experts Say:

Kath Brown, M.Ed., a renowned brain expert and author of the popular "Educate your Brain", talks about the many benefits of tracing the figure 8.  She notes that "many people find that over time reading and writing are easier after doing Lazy 8's for just a few minutes."  You can review her website at wholebrainliving.com. 

The lazy 8 board is also frequently used by occupational therapists to help with midline crossing and activating eye movements to help improve the clarity of eyesight. 

What's Included in Our Figure 8 Tracing Board:

We include one (1) wooden stylus pen shown in the stock photos and six (6) marbles.  You can continue to add more marbles to increase the level of difficulty. 

Dimensions: 14.5" x 7.5"

Recommended for children and adults, ages 3+. Please supervise the use of marbles to ensure it doesn't cause a choking hazard. 

Materials Used for Our Figure 8 Tracing Board:

We only use all natural and organic hardwoods like maple, walnut, and cherry for all our wooden toy products. Each wooden board is hand selected by us and only the very best is used. All wooden toy products are handmade in the U.S.A. in our small shop located on our property in Pennsylvania. To learn more about our materials used for our wooden toys, click HERE.

We seal all our natural wooden toys in organic and locally sourced white bees wax and organic food grade cold pressed coconut oil. We want your heirloom wooden toy to last for many generations so we take care of every wooden toy that leaves our shop to ensure only the very best of Jack and Link is represented.

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