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Gingerbread House Activity Tray Set


  • Item may only be purchased with any other item listed in our limited release OR any other counter/figurines we offer. Please do not purchase this with any of our regular line of hand made wooden resources.
  • We do not combine orders. However, you may contact us at hello@jackandlink.com and message us if you'd like to add other items to your order  (from the LE section or other counters, sensory bases, figurines). Please understand that this does not hold your place in line.  Items may sell out before we can add the requested items to your order.
  • Orders will ship as quickly as we can package it up and send it off. This next week is Thanksgiving week so we will not be working Thursday or Friday but will get any remaining orders out, if there are any, the following Monday.

A Note About the Wood filler: We are absolutely in love with this chunky piece pine wood filler. The pieces range from .5"-1" and has a pine wood aroma.  Because it's made from real pine wood, which is a soft wood, I recommend upon receiving your package to take it out, filter out any loose sawdust that may have occurred during rough shipping handling prior to using it which will leave you with only the chunky pieces. 

This set includes one gingerbread house board, holiday themed colored glass gems, four gingerbread men, two cups of pine wood filler, mini candy canes, pipe cleaners, a plastic black shovel, faux peppermints, and a piping bag. Salt is not included.

Please use caution and supervise play at all times. This set includes a lot of small loose parts.

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