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Heirloom Purple Wooden Car

Heirloom Purple Wooden Toy Car.

This heirloom wooden toy car features a stunning Purpleheart hardwood on the body and a rare Zebra Wood for the top. This is a limited stock item.

Purpleheart: It's an exotic wood that can be found from Mexico all the way down to southern Brazil.  It's known for it's unique dark eggplant color that deepens with age.  It is one of the hardiest and sturdiest woods in the world and is an extremely dense and watertight wood.  
  • Fun Fact:  Spiritualists believe that Purpleheart has amazing protection and healing properties. Many believe it enhances creative energy, knowledge, and assists in healing. It also may eliminate negative energies and tension in the home.
Zebra Wood:  It's known for it's unique black striped pattern and it's a hardwood native to Africa.  It's a durable wood and the base color ranges from a creamy white color to a light brown and medium brown wood with black patterned stripes.
  • Fun Fact:  Many spiritualists believe that Zebra wood has magical properties of luck and good fortune. 
    Dimensions:  2" Wide | 6" Long | 2.5" Tall

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