Kindergartner Educational Toys (3 Set)

Get our set of all three of our word building frames and word building activity trays complete with our wooden alphabet letters. This kindergartner educational toy is a must have if you have more than one child close in age.  Purchasing all three at the same time is a great value and one child could be working on the more complex 4 and 5 letter word building exercises while the younger one works on their CVC words or use all three to build simple sentences.  

Having all three on hand is great when your child is just learning CVC words to ensure a continuous learning cycle without having to wait for additional word building trays to arrive.

    What's Included in Our Kindergartner Educational Toy Word Builder Set:

    Included is one (1) three letter word board, one (1) four letter word builder board, one (1) five letter word builder activity board, and twenty-six (26) wooden alphabet letters, and (1) organic cotton drawstring bag to store them in.

    Interested in purchasing additional wooden alphabet letters? Click HERE. We recommend buying additional wooden alphabet letters and vowel sets for unlimited word building potential.  Additional vowels are also available and can be purchased HERE.

    About Our Wooden Alphabet Letter Vowels:

    We wanted to highlight the vowels in our wooden alphabet letters and differentiate them from regular letters so we made our wooden alphabet vowels out of a different hardwood type.  Our vowels, AEIOU,  are made out of walnut and our regular alphabet letters are made out of oak. 

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