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Mushroom Activity Tray Set

 This is a limited release mushroom activity tray set complete with mushroom tray, wood filler, wood pieces, 5 piece hand painted mushroom set, 12 piece mini "dirty" mushrooms painted to look like freshly plucked mushrooms, 3 wooden spores, and a mushroom printable that you'll automatically receive upon purchase to print to whichever size you'd like. Please note that you will not receive a physical mushroom printed sheet. This is a printable that you can print onto a regular printer size sheet. You can most likely print this in a poster style format but I have not experimented enough to know for sure.

A Note About the Wood filler: We are absolutely in love with this chunky piece pine wood filler. The pieces range from .5"-1" and has a pine wood aroma.  Because it's made from real pine wood, which is a soft wood, I recommend upon receiving your package to take it out, filter out any loose sawdust that may have occurred during rough shipping handling prior to using it which will leave you with only the chunky pieces. 

Please use caution and supervise play at all times. This set includes a lot of small loose parts.

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