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Odds and Even Math Board

Understanding what an even number or odd number is can be very confusing to a child. We created this odds and even math board to help children visualize and better understand what even number and odd numbers are. 

How to Use our Odds and Even Math Board

  1. You'll need counters/manipulatives of your choice for this activity. 
  2. Place one of our wooden block numbers in the upper left hand slot.
  3. Leave the longer rectangular space on the right-upper hand side blank until the child has answered and conducted the below steps.
  4. Once the wooden number is placed in the upper left hand slot, ask the child if they can evenly split the above number into the bottom two slots. For example: if the number is 10, they should be able to evenly split 5 in the bottom left hand slot and 5 in the bottom right hand slot.
  5. Explain to the child that if they have an equal amount of counters in both boxes then the number is considered an even number. If they are unable to figure out and distribute an equal amount of counters into both spaces then the number is considered an odd number.
  6. Add the appropriate "Even" or "Odd" block in the upper right hand space.

    What's Included in our Odds and Even Math Board:

    Included is one (1) maple frame and (1) reversible "Even" and "Odd" block.  You can flip the even and odd block to the respective side that you need.  *There’s an option to purchase numbers in our shop but this set does not include it.

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