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Pre-K Starter Set Curated by Homebuilt Education

 A common question that we get asked is what products would we recommend for preschool or someone just starting out in homeschool.

We've partnered together with Mandy from Homebuilt Education to bring you a bundle of what we think are "must haves" for preschool.

1. A tracing tray: This has so many different fun and practical aspects. You can fill it up with salt or sand and practice writing letters and numbers as well as set up fun invitations to learn. *Does not come with anything pictured other than the wooden tray.

2.  A dry erase CVC board: As they begin to learn about what letter makes what sound, you'll find that some may start to begin to string together sounds on their own. This will help, but also grow with your preschooler as they continue on to Kindergarten where the focus of Kindergarten is blending sounds together. We included a dry erase version vs. our wooden one so they can also practice letter formation.

3. Wooden Alphabet Coins: I've selected these vs. dry erase coins or our smaller Alphabits because they are chunky and perfect for little hands. A moveable alphabet is essential in pre-K. *Does not come with anything pictured other than one complete set of uppercase alphabet coins.

4.  Math Counting Board: Learning one to one correspondence is developing in pre-K and continues on through Kindergarten. Our math board helps when you start to progress beyond this stage to actually subtracting and adding numbers. *Does not come with anything pictured other than one wooden math board. Numbers and dry erase coins are sold separately.

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