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Wooden Alphabet Vowels

There is nothing more annoying when building words with your kindergartner or preschooler than running out of vowels so we included this separate set of wooden alphabet vowels to purchase separately without having to buy the entire wooden alphabet again.

    How to Care for Your Wooden Alphabet Letters:

    To Disinfect:

    Wipe down your wooden toy keys with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and warm water, let air dry, and if needed condition with organic oils like coconut or olive oil and wipe excess off.

    To Regularly Clean:

    Use a warm damp cloth with soapy water, wipe dry, and let air dry overnight.

      What's Included in Our Wooden Alphabet Vowel Set:

      Included is six (6) wooden alphabet vowels and (1) organic cotton drawstring bag to store them in.

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