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Jumbo Wooden Crayon Holder

This wooden crayon holder was created to specifically have a slim profile to minimize the amount of space being taken up on the your tables work surface and play area. 

We love to use it to separate and organize specific crayons and/or markers and chalk markers for specific color concentrations with creative play, to give a space for crayons and markers to stand up independently without having to dig through the pack, and because aesthetically, it just looks pretty.

This wooden crayon holder holds 12 crayons, markers, and chalk markers. To date we've tested them on the following:

> Filana Organic Beeswax Crayons

> OOLY Puffy Pens and Gel Crayons

> Craftsmart Chalk Markers

> Crafty Crown Bold Chalk Markers

Interested in seeing what different types of markers/crayons this wooden crayon holder can carry?


Visit us on Instagram @jackandlinktoys.  We've created a highlight reel showing several different types of crayons, markers, and chalk markers that will fit inside our wooden crayon holder.

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