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Wooden Fraction Puzzle

We've specifically designed this fraction puzzle as an introductory fraction learning activity for preschoolers, kindergartner's, and first graders. Our wooden fraction puzzle introduces fractions as part of a whole which can be a very difficult concept to introduce even for the most mathematically inclined kiddos. Here's some great ideas on how to incorporate these:
  • Use it to introduce basic money concepts! You can start to introduce the concept of money and that 2 quarters equal .50 cents or 1/2 of a dollar. That 4 quarters equal 1 whole or 1 dollar. 
  • Use them in conjunction with our wooden numbers and use our fraction puzzle pieces outside of the frame for expanded learning.
  • Use the tray separately! It's deep enough to create your own sand tray or use it to hold your small learning materials.

Please note: Only the fraction pieces are included. Any other aids shown such as notecards, numbers, etc. are not included and only included to give ideas on how to incorporate into lesson plans.

How to Care for Your Wooden Fraction Puzzle:

To Disinfect:

Wipe down your wooden fraction puzzle with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and warm water, let air dry, and if needed condition with organic oils like coconut or olive oil and wipe excess off.

To Regularly Clean:

Use a warm damp cloth with soapy water, wipe dry, and let air dry overnight.

    What's Included in Our Wooden Fraction Puzzle:

    Included is one walnut circle frame and the following fraction pieces:

    1. (4) four 1/4 pieces
    2. (3) three 1/3 pieces
    3. (2) two 1/2 pieces 
    4. (1) one 1/3 pieces

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