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Wooden Rainbow Lacing Toy

This chunky wooden rainbow lacing toy is a classic toy for good reason. We created our wooden lacing toys with a thick and chunky style for easier grasping and durability. All items are made with hard American maple. We conditioned the wood with organic white bees wax and organic coconut oil. This wooden rainbow lacing toy comes with three different strand colors.

Benefits of Lacing Toys

1.  Improves eye-hand coordination

2. Builds pincer grasp

3. Improves attention

4. Develops patience and perseverance

5. Requires focus

    What's Included in Our Wooden Rainbow Shaped Lacing Toy:

    We include one (1) wooden rainbow shaped lacing toy and (3) wooden threading "needles". Interested in purchasing additional threading "needles"? Click HERE.

    Caution: Please remember to supervisechildren at all times. Our item may contain loose parts like the wooden stopping ball that could come loose depending on play style and can cause a choking hazard if swallowed. Our threading needle also includes 3 feet of cotton ribbon which could pose a choking and strangulation hazard. 

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