Wooden Rainbow Puzzle

Our wooden rainbow puzzle is not only beautiful but fun to play! The benefits to working on puzzles numerous and many scientific journals and academic scholars have tied in many important critical thinking skills to problem solving that occurs when working with puzzles.

Approximate size: 9" x 9" 

The Many Benefits of Puzzles:

  • Memory Retention 
  • Attention to Detail Skills
  • Complex Critical Thinking
  • Spatial-Visual Reasoning
  • Fine Motor Skill Exercise
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Concentration 
  • Emotion Skills (Perseverance, Patience, Achievement)
  • Shape Recognition
  • And the list goes on and on...

What's Included in Our Wooden Rainbow Puzzle:

We include one (1) puzzle. The color pattern may change within the rainbow (for instance, the larger piece may be the orange color, the middle piece may be our Cherry, and the smaller piece of the rainbow may be our walnut) but every rainbow will have one Walnut (dark chocolate piece), Cherry (the reddish beige color), and Paduak (a deep red with brown undertone). The negative space around the rainbow was made with American Maple hardwood. 

Materials Used for Our Wooden Rainbow Puzzle:

We never use inferior and cheaper woods like birch, plywood, and MDF. We only use all natural and organic heirloom hardwoods like maple, walnut, and cherry for all our wooden toy products. Each wooden board is hand selected by us and only the very best is used. All wooden toy products are handmade in the U.S.A. in our small shop located on our property in Pennsylvania. To learn more about our materials used for our wooden toys, click HERE. Any color you see in our products come naturally. We never dye or color our woods.

We seal all our natural wooden toys in organic and locally sourced white bees wax and organic food grade cold pressed coconut oil. We want your heirloom wooden toy to last for many generations so we take care of every wooden toy that leaves our shop to ensure only the very best of Jack and Link is represented.

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