Grow with Me® Wooden Building Blocks

All natural wooden building blocks that grows with your baby.

This is our own version of building blocks and they're not just for babies or for toddlers but for young children as well. A building block set that continues to grow educationally as your child develops. A set that focuses and keeps your child engaged with the multi dimensional edges, geometric patterns, and unique balancing options.  This set helps your child think outside the box and moves away from traditional linear patterns and allows creativity to flourish!

As a Baby:

For children up to 1 they will begin to explore by mouthing the blocks and starting to stack the larger block bases as their brain starts to make important connections such as texture, different weights and sizes, and sounds of the blocks connecting.

As a Toddler

They begin to stack and explore the different weights and textures. They start to learn cause and effect, balancing, and fine and gross motor skills.

As a Child:

The world is their oyster. They start thinking and creating dimensionally. They begin to create imaginary worlds and start to incorporate other toy pieces into their creation like people, cars, legos, and animals.

Important Information:
Each set will always be unique and no two sets will ever be alike. We make it a point to have a variety of different hardwoods like Brazilian Ebony, Purple Heart, Zebra Wood, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany, Red Heart, Paduak, Yellow Heart, Chakra Biga, Sapele, Osage Orange, Sycamore, Rosewood, etc.  { Your set may contain some of these woods or none of at all. It's all dependent on the availability of sustainably sourced wood. However, your building blocks set will ALWAYS have a diverse and varied color and pattern. We make it a point to create and include unique shapes and colors. We love to find exotic sustainably sourced wood to add to our building block sets! }


Our wooden blocks are 100% natural, anti-bacterial, non splintering, hand sanded for a smooth finish, and oiled with 100% organic ingredients like coconut oil and organic white bees wax that's locally harvested for a smooth and supple finish that will last generations. 

 Baby Set:  Includes 15 Unique Pieces + (1) 100% Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

Toddler Set: Includes 24 Pieces + (1) 100% Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

Child Set: Includes 48 Pieces + (1) 100% Large Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag


Simply wash with warm soapy water with a soft cloth and immediately wipe off and let dry overnight.

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