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Personalized Wooden Swords for Kids

What's better than a wooden sword? A personalized one! A true classic heirloom piece that can be tucked away and stored for future grandkids.  Choose between the wooden pirate sword or the wooden knight sword or get both!

How We Created our Wooden Pirate and Knight Swords:

It was vitally important for us to make these wooden swords as safe as possible. All wooden swords are made out of quality American maple to ensure durability and made out of one solid piece. We made them thick and smoothed out and rounded out all areas of the sword. 

    Personalization Option:

    There is an option for personalization in the drop down menu. The swords will be personalized along one side. Personalization would be done by capitalizing the first initial and doing the rest in lowercase (i.e., Jackson, Lincoln, Sawyer, Thomas).

    Caution:  Please remember to supervise children at all times.

    REMEMBER: These are not intended for real combat and is not the use it was intended for. These wooden swords are designed for role playing and fighting imaginary dragons and evil wizards-Not to engage in mortal combat with. 

    Abuse Policy: we will not warranty any product that falls outside the use for which it was intended.

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