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February 15, 2024 1 min read

My name is Maria from @aspen.schoolhouse   on Instagram and I’m so excited to be sharing some ideas here on the Jack and Link Blog!

This is the perfect space to find a vast collection of activities to refer to when you need inspiration. Now let’s dive in.

I decided that since we are in the Valentine's Day season, it would be fun to share how we used the adorable cupid and heart writables this past week in math. 

Idea 1- Have your child connect a word form number written on cupid to their numerical form on the heart shape. With this you can make it as simple and as challenging as your child may need. It can be used for any age group. 


Dry erase loose part shapes for learning activities


Idea 2- Write addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems on cupid and have the answer written on the hearts. Again the flexibility with this is endless. 



Idea 3- Create the numbers in block formation on cupid and then match it to its numerical form. This is great for younger ages when children first get introduced to the block concept. 


Math ideas using fun little dry erase shapes for creative learning off the page.


Now if your kids are extra competitive you can always include a timer. If you want to make it a more physically active activity, put the cupids on one side of your room and make them run back and forth to collect the hearts.

I hope you were inspired by these ideas. If you'd like more ideas, follow along on my social media page @aspen.schoolhouseand I’d love to see them in action! Tag @jackandlinktoysand @aspen.schoolhouseso we can cheer you on! 

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February 18, 2024

Wowww! These are great ideas and I love that you provided different ways on using the same resources!


February 18, 2024

Oh I love all of these ideas! So many ways to visualize numbers!

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