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Turnaround Times

Orders Placed From November 6th to January 4th:

We were closed from December 15th until January 4th. Upon our return we will be prioritizing all orders that were placed from our Christmas cut off date of November 6th onward. We anticipate all orders placed between this timeframe to be shipping by the end of January.

Orders Placed After January 4th:

Our turnaround is 4-6 weeks so you should not be impacted by the above. Moving forward, we anticipate our turnaround time to be 3-4 weeks by the end of February.  If you have any questions please reach out to use at

Cancellation of Orders 

We try to provide as many areas on our website of advance notification of our timeframe in addition to the acknowledgement box that you must click before being allowed to proceed with your purchase. Areas you can find our turnaround times:

1.  The top banner of our website.

2.  The pop up flyer that automatically shows up on your screen that also asks you if you wish to subscribe to our newsletter.

3.  The acknowledgment box stating our turnaround times and/or directing you to click on the link that states our turnaround times, at checkout that you must click off before being allowed to proceed and check out.

4.  Order confirmation.

5.  If you are viewing this on your desktop then you can also find the turnaround times under the top menu options and if you're viewing this on your mobile device then you can find this in our menu area which can be found in your upper left hand corner of our website that shows the three horizontal bars. Clicking on that will bring up a drop down menu to shop our site as well as our turnaround times.

If you wish to cancel after placing an order, we completely understand and we will refund and cancel your order minus a $5 fee. Please understand that we incur charges from credit card and PayPal that are non-refundable to us even from cancelled orders, and depending how large the order is the $5 flat fee does not often cover the non-reimbursable fees, and as a small business this is not a charge we are able to absorb.

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