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February 24, 2024 3 min read


My name is Zayra from the @willowtree_schoolhouseand welcome to this small little corner of the internet where I get to do what I like most and, that is, sharing all things Jack + Link and how I implement these beautiful resources in my homeschool!

First things first, Mamas, I’m in a busy season of life where I’m not only homeschooling my two kiddos, but I’m also making sure my LIVELY toddler who is also a walking tornado doesn’t destroy our home. Why am I mentioning this? Well, its because of this reason that I love how EASY and EFFECTIVE it is to use Jack + Link Resourcesin all subjects. Plus, its easily adaptable to use them in all grades.

For the next few ideas, I will be sharing how I use the same, or similar, resources and how I adapt them to suit both my third grader’s and my kindergartner’s concepts that they’re currently working on!


With my Kindergartner, we are working on her blending certain consonants with her vowels. These flower wheels are a great way for her to rotate the center as she’s blending those sounds together.

Third Grader:

Speaking of these amaaaaaazing flower wheels, check out this amazing way of practicing those stubborn math facts! I kid you not, this was probably the reason why my oldest was able to get those facts down!

Jack and Link's flower wheel for multiplication practice.



I’m always looking for ways to create a theme with our J+L Resources and so whenever I use our favorite wooden resources, I try to be creative with our mini writables! So with my kinder student, we’re currently working on the concept of doubling numbers. I write the problems on my house easy board and have her write the answer on our balloon writables! Aren’t these the cutest?! If your kiddo is too young for this concept, I would suggest using this idea practicing their names!

Jack and Link wooden house sensory tray and mini writables.

Third grader:

Notice the theme here? Yeah, this is why I try to use our mini writables as often as we can!  With him, we’re currently working on identifying the subject, linking verbs, and subject complement with our grammar studies! I usually have him write the responses on the lightning rods.

Jack and link wooden trays with dry erase inserts and fun dry erase shapes.


This is another great practice to master blending! This can be a challenging concept for most kids so getting in that practice is so important! With our Alphabits Spelling Bar, this has been necessary in our reading journey! If you’re kiddo is too little for this concept, this can be another great way for name practice!

Jack and link wooden word and letter builders.

Third Grader:

With my third grader, we tend to use this mostly on Spelling Quiz Days! Imagine finding the joys of spelling because you no longer do it the traditional way, but the hands on way!

And I’m ending this blog post with a special mention of our very first Jack and Link Resource that my kinder kiddo instantly fell in love with! I still try to add our squirrel tray in to our lessons as much as I can since it is so loved by her!

Feel free to make any of these ideas as your own or adapt them to however it will benefit your kiddo! If you do, please consider sharing and tagging @jackandlinkresourcesand me! We would love to see all of the shares!



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