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Extra Math Manipulatives


These math manipulatives are an absolute necessity for your homeschool collection! These wooden balls are the perfect size for any of our ten frames, figure 8's, and tracing boards.  The fact that you can paint our wooden balls make this the perfect option.

Fun Ideas for Our Wooden Balls:

The number one suggestion is to paint them! Don't paint them yourself. Have your kiddos paint them! That way they can have fun painting them the colors they want while exercising their fine motor skills:
  • Have them paint them in primary colors.
  • Paint them the color of the rainbow.
  • If you purchase our ten frames, like our tree for instance, have them paint them red for apples.
  • For math, have them paint half of them one color and the other half a different color so that way it's easier to differentiate between them, for instance:
    • 2+2: when two are painted one color and the other 2 are painted a different color it makes it easier to separate the two visually vs. them being all the same color.

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