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Wooden Division Chart Board

This wooden division chart board is an original to Jack and Link.  Our division board has a viewfinder that allows the child to focus on one line at a time.

  • You can slide the viewer up and down and focus only on one area at a time. 
  • The slider has sides that prevent it from slipping off the side of the board so it'll stay on the line you wish to focus on.
  • The viewer is not attached to the division board and can be stored away when no longer needed and then you can use our display stand in conjunction with your wooden division board as a visual so your child can easily reference it when needed. 
  • Use it for independent work so your child can easily double check their work independently after completing an assignment. 
Patent pending 

    We used organic maple hardwood for the multiplication board and cherry hardwood for the viewfinder. All pieces are conditioned with organic white bees wax and organic coconut oil.


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