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Special Character Rounds

Our wooden rounds are a super fun addition to our collection. These rounds were specifically designed to fit into any of our Jack and Link boards that were originally designed to fit with any of our alphabet blocks.
  *Please note that our font darkness has increased starting January 2023. The size and font style hasn’t changed.

    How to Care for Your Wooden Coin Set:

      • If you do not currently follow us on Instagram, please consider jumping on and taking a look at our highlights where I discuss in depth on the reasons why and provide a visual on the below:

      • We condition 95% of all our boards because it seals in moisture and because it helps to protect the wood against simple stains and marks. We do not condition our notecard holders, peg boards, counters, display stand, and display racks. With this new release, we also now do not condition these alphabet rounds.

      • Unconditioned wood will naturally absorb moisture and oils (even wood and boards that haven't been conditioned in over 6 months). Please ensure that you store conditioned wood separately from unconditioned wood. Additionally, when using unconditioned items with conditioned items, you can use as you normally would in your usual day to day lessons but do not leave your unconditioned pieces on top of conditioned boards for prolonged periods of time or there is a potential for transfer.

      • We have personally tested it and have found that after leaving our unconditioned coins on top of our 6 month old conditioned board for 30 minutes, it did leave some conditioning oil transfer.

      What's Included in Your Special Character Set:

      A total of 13 special characters, punctuation, and math symbols to include: the not equal sign, dollar sign, question mark, exclamation mark, multiplication sign, equal sign, subtraction sign, less than/greater than sign, percentage sign, division sign, period, addition sign, and cent sign. 

      Turnaround Times 

      For these specific line of items only (all wooden coins), our turnaround is 1-2 weeks. If ordered with any of our handmade items, our usual turnaround applies.

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