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Easy Dry Erase Letter Builders™ (Pink)

Our Easy Dry Erase Letter Builders™ are such a fun addition to any literature language arts activity! Have fun building letters and feel free to write on them! You can use them with fun multicolored dry erase markers, window markers, and dry erase crayons (and some pastels too just make sure you test a small area first).


What's included with your Easy Dry Erase Letter Builders?

The set includes 8 pieces: (2) large semi circles; (2) small semi circles; (4) larger sticks; and (4) smaller sticks.

How your Easy Dry Erase Board™ will Arrive and Aftercare:

All dry erase boards will arrive with a brown craft covering affixed to the front and back to protect your board from any scratches while in transit. All you have to do is peel it off.

 This design has been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. We do not grant permission to anyone to reproduce our designs.

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