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Mini Writables™ (Mail Truck Set of 5)

Oh, all the different activities you can do with this set! This set was brought to you by our 2024 Jack and Link Jr. Designer Carmen, age 11. 

"Carmen those to make a mailbox because she plays special delivery with her 3 younger brothers which they play as mail carriers. A game they made up with their grandma, which they box up items such as canned goods from my pantry, dinosaurs, old junk mail, or anything they can find. Then they all pack it up and leave it in front of their dad's office to open when he gets home."

You can use them with fun multicolored dry erase markers, window markers, and dry erase crayons (and some pastels too just make sure you test a small area first).

To wipe off simply use a dry cloth or paper towel. All corners are rounded so there are no sharp edges and all pieces are thick and durable.

Quantity of 5.

How your Mini Writable™ will Arrive and Aftercare:

All dry erase boards will arrive with a brown craft covering affixed to the front and back to protect your board from any scratches while in transit. All you have to do is peel it off and pick off any craft paper located within the design.

 This design has been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. We do not grant permission to anyone to reproduce our designs.

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