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AlphaBITS Spelling Bar

Our newest addition to our collection is our Alphabits Spelling Bar and it comes with 10 spelling slots with an option to purchase a complete set of AlphaBITS which includes 10 white dry erase spacers, two complete lowercase alphabet sets, and 3 vowel sets (a, e, I, o, and u).

What's Included in Your AlphabaBITS Spelling Bar Set:

  • One wooden bar, 10 white dry erase spacers that sit flush in the bar, 2 complete alphabits sets, and 3 sets of vowels. 
  • Please note that we do not condition any of the wooden alphabits or the wooden bar.
  • CAUTION: These are a choking hazard for any child under the age of 3 years old or toddlers and children who still mouth objects. Parental supervision required at all times. Purchasing this item is a waiver ofliability and releases Jack and Link from any damages.

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